My mom got into a motor vehicle accident in 2016.

Before we got here, the doctor said she was fine, it was just a normal injury. But after we went to the other doctor that Levy & Associates has recommended for us, they were able to go into more depth with x-rays and ultrasound. They were able to find out what the real problem is with my mom.
They took care of us like family.


Dear David, Thank you!

Sincerely appreciate your unwavering support. You led me masterfully throughout the whole claims process. Since the moment we met, I sensed your empathy and felt safe with you. Your kindness, integrity and patience are most admirable. All your staff were pleasant and attentive. I appreciate the outstanding service and will highly recommend you to anyone in need. Thank you.


I wanted to thank you and your staff for your service rendered in processing my motor vehicle accident claim.

I was intended to thank you personally but have not had a chance. Thank you again and please accept all the best from me.


I received your letter confirming that the insurer is willing to settle on the terms we proposed.

That is absolutely wonderful news!!! Can't wait to have all this behind us. Thank you for all of your help with everything. I don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you.