Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Learn what questions you should ask your lawyer when choosing who will represent your case.

David Levy with client

1) Do you specialize in personal injury law?

Like doctors, most lawyers specialize in a specific area of law. Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident or denied benefits by your insurer, it is important to hire a lawyer that specializes in personal injury and insurance law. At Levy & Associates, personal injury and insurance law is our speciality and our clients can rest assured that our lawyers and legal professionals possess the expertise and experience to obtain the care and compensation they deserve.

2) Do you have successful trial and courtroom experience?

While most personal injury claims and insurance disputes settle before trial, it is an advantage to have a lawyer that knows how to successfully build their clients’ case and win at trial. Lawyers that have been successful at trial usually have more leverage when negotiating the settlement of a claim as their opponent likely respects their preparedness to go to court. As such, successful trial lawyers usually obtain better settlements for their clients.

At Levy & Associates, all our lawyers have successfully litigated cases at trial and arbitration and have earned the respect of defence counsel and insurance companies. We prepare every case as if it could proceed to trial which usually results in a favourable settlement. But we won’t shy away from a courtroom when necessary. 

3) Who at the law firm will be handling my case on a day to day basis?

Most personal injury lawyers and law firms employ legal professionals such as associates, clerks, paralegals, law students and legal assistants to assist them with the day to day handling of their clients’ cases. In most firms, senior lawyers handle the more serious, complex files while intermediate or junior lawyers handle the less complicated matters. When searching for a personal injury law, be sure to ask who will be handling your case so that there are no surprises.

At Levy & Associates, we believe that the key to meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations is through open and honest communication. Regardless of the size or complexity of your case, we guarantee that it will be handled by qualified, competent, and compassionate legal professionals that will fight for the care and compensation you deserve. 

4) How long does it typically take to resolve a case like mine?

Every case is different, however, it usually takes years, not months, to properly investigate, prosecute and reach a conclusion. Any lawyer that promises a quick and easy resolution of your claim is probably not being truthful or doesn’t understand the complex legal processes that are involved in obtaining a just result. At Levy & Associates, we are committed to achieving a just result that exceeds your expectations. We will be with you from start to finish, however long that takes, and will ensure that you have the financial support you need until your case is settled.

5) What is the fee for your service and how much will this cost?

It is essential to know what your lawyer charges before retaining them. Most personal injury lawyers in Ontario charge a contingency fee or a percentage of whatever they recover for you plus disbursements (out of pocket expenses) and applicable taxes. The fee or percentage a lawyer charges usually varies depending on the size and complexity of the case. Up front retainer fees are not common. 

At Levy & Associates, our fee structure is simple. You don’t pay unless we win!

6) Do you have references from past clients?

A good lawyer should be able to provide you with past or current clients that they have helped. At Levy & Associates, we have helped thousands of individuals obtain the compensation and care they deserve, and we would be happy to provide you with a list of references upon request.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious personal injury, it could profoundly affect their family, health, emotional well-being and quality of life. With legal cases often taking years, choosing a team that will stand by you, and deliver outstanding representation, is critical.

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